How to make a Mid Century Modern Coffee Cabinet

How to Make a Mid Century Modern Coffee Cabinet

This mid century modern influenced cabinet is made from baltic birch plywood and walnut plywood. The legs on the mid century cabinet are made from 1 1/2″ thick solid walnut and angled for that classic vintage retro vibe. The drawer is custom fitted to hold k-cup coffee packages along with everything else to make a fine cup of coffee. The two hinged doors open up to reveal an adjustable pinned shelf. Iron on edge banding was applied to the baltic birch to hide the texture of the exposed edges and the outer cabinet was painted white with a standard paint roller. The drawer face and two cabinet doors are make from walnut plywood with solid walnut edge banding to hide the plywood edges. Most of the joinery was made from Festool Domino loose tenons which makes for easy alignment when assembling and provides durable long lasting strength.

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